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Your favorie content creator has a patreon and you want to view the paid content, but don't have the money to pay for it? Not a problem! is here to help, enter the Patreon username of the creator and see his provided content for free! This includes viewing locked videos, photos, articles and any other downloadable files uploaded on the Patreon servers. Unfortunetally you won't be able to get all the exclusive perks real patrons get, but at least will be able to enjoy the paid locked content completely free. PatreonKeys provides an opportunity to get the hidden files from up to 3 creator per day, so choose wisely to avoid waiting. Please note that large videos might take a while to load due to a slow server. There is no need to look for cracked Patreon apk or ipa files anymore (these don't exist) - just head to and view all the content for free, as it should be!